We address the following social issues so that all our employees can play an active role with peace of mind and achieve their full potential.

We will create an environment that supports the stable livelihood of all our employees and crew members and enables them to engage in decent work.

  • Gender Equality

Creating a Good Working Environment

We encourage the use of childcare leave for both men and women, increasing the ratio of female executives.

  • Good Health and Well-Being
  • Gender Equality

Welfare Programs

1,000,000 yen is provided as a special support for the birth of a second and subsequent children.

  • Good Health and Well-Being

Maintenance and Promotion of Employee Health

We promote the maintenance of health by conducting health checkups and encouraging employees to undergo physical examinations, and we encourage employees to quit smoking by removing smoking areas from the company.

We have an educational assistance program to help our employees and crew members as well as their family members to become independent not only in our business but also in their abilities.

  • Quality Education

Educational Subsidy for Family Members of Expatriate Employees

We subsidize educational expenses for the families of employees stationed overseas so that they can receive the same education as in Japan.

  • Quality Education

Human Resource Development

In order to develop personnel who can play an active role in the global field of marine transportation, we provide long-term training at a maritime engineering school for new hires and several weeks of onboard training for mid-career employees, as well as subsidies for Spanish language study in Chile and acquisition of qualifications for personal development. We also encourage employees to actively participate in external training and seminars.